Elim Ministries Ireland
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Common Goals

Evangelism and Church Planting
It is our desire to reach out, under the leading of the Holy Spirit, in evangelism and Church planting so that our nation might be influenced, impacted and transformed by the message of the Gospel.

Spiritual Preparation
Our desire is to lay a foundation of fervent prayer and regular fasting particularly amongst our leaders – for a move of God’s Spirit upon our nation.

Ministry Training
We want to make a programme of Ministry Training available to the people within our Churches with the aim of drawing out and developing anointed leadership and gifted ministry.

Structural Streamlining
We are committed to tuning and developing and when necessary changing our structures in such a way that they will continue to effectively serve the purposes of God.

Kingdom Co-operation
According to the standard and principles of the Word of God we are committed to a positive attitude of fellowship, support, encouragement and co-operation with other Churches, Groups and Organizations within the Body of Christ on this island.