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Our Vision

Our Vision
The Whole Gospel for the Whole Person for the Whole of Ireland.

The Whole Gospel
By “The Whole Gospel” we understand that the full message of Jesus Christ needs to be communicated clearly through our words and deeds. The Bible in describing the message of Jesus Christ presents Him in several ways. First, as our Saviour because He saves us from our sins. He is also presented as our healer because He can deliver us from all disease and sickness.

Another key part of the message of Jesus is that He gives us the Holy Spirit and baptises us in the Spirit of God in order to empower us to do his work. We are also told that Christ is coming back to this Earth a second time, not as a baby but as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Transparent Love
In our relationships to one another both as individuals and Churches we are committed to working together in an atmosphere and attitude of openness, truth and love.

The Whole Person
By “The Whole Person” we understand that God has made us body, soul and spirit, so if we are to reflect God’s love to the people of Ireland we need to care about their physical and social circumstances, their psychological health as well as their spiritual condition. All of our churches want to be a blessing in their communities by offering help to people at every level of life.

The Whole of Ireland
“The Whole of Ireland” means we want to see a day in Ireland where no matter where a person lives on the Island they will hear about Jesus Christ and see loving deeds being done in His name.