Elim Ministries Ireland
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Relational Value

Corporate Identity
Recognizing not only our local identity but also the particular Church Family that God has called us into we are committed to upholding the integrity of these truths in our conduct and communication.

Common Vision
As a fellowship of Churches we are committed to preaching the whole Gospel, ministering to the whole man and reaching out to the whole of Ireland.

Mutual Respect
We are committed to honouring, affirming and encouraging our leaders and those that work amongst us so that their ministry may not be unnecessarily hindered.

Transparent Love
In our relationships to one another both as individuals and Churches we are committed to working together in an atmosphere and attitude of openness, truth and love.

Keeping Harmony
We are committed to building each other up in our faith and ministry. If there is a matter of conflict or dispute we are committed to resolving it in line with the spirit and teaching of the Bible.

Each of the Churches that form part of the Elim Family are committed to giving a tithe of their income towards the realization of our common goals and vision.