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How I Cook & Serve a Sermon

This week John Fitzsimmons, who is the Pastor of Sligo City Church, wrote a great blog post on how he prepares a sermon. Check it out on his blog, ‘Captivated‘.

1. I Seek God First
Sometimes if I’m speaking at an event I might be given a Bible text or topic to speak on but most of the time it is up to me to decide before God. Either way it’s always important to seek God first before turning to any other resources. I seek God simply by praying & reading the Bible. If it is left to me to decide what to speak on I ask God not for an idea but for a Bible-text, I seek a text or story or book in the Bible. This gives me a solid starting point & helps ensure the Bible remains the basis of what I speak on. I do this even when preaching topically. Once I have my main text I read over it a number of times & ask God to speak through his Word. I write down questions, observations & other Bible passages that come to mind. I also write down what stands out to me & what challenges & encourages me etc.

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